How escorts can help you in taking a revenge from your ex girlfriend

We all know how hard it is to get over a break up. Girls don’t mind breaking up because there are millions of men available for hookup, but single men struggle a lot to recover from the emotional trauma. If you are also going through this stage and want a revenge from your girlfriend then you can hire an escort who will definitely help you throughout this revenge process. Since these escorts are willing to do anything, they will totally understand your problem and they are going to plan the best revenge ever. Below we have mentioned some different ways through which you can use these escort girls in your plan.

  • Use their appearance to make your ex jealous – We all know that girls can’t stand that fact that their ex boyfriend is mingling with a hotter lady. Girls always want their ex boyfriend to suffer. But if you choose an escort then she will make sure that your ex girlfriend is getting jealous of you. You just have to choose a place where your ex can spot you with the chosen escort. Also make sure that you instruct the escort to be close to you as if you are in a relationship. We bet you that your ex will burn down to ashes when she will see you like that.
  • Social media is your weapon of mass destruction – Everybody knows that ex girlfriends are very curious about their ex boyfriends present life, and they will always check your Facebook profile to see what you are doing these days. So, all you have to do is hire an escort and take some really sexy and erotic photos with her, and post it on Facebook with really sexy Hastags. Now, don’t tag your ex girlfriend in those pictures, but make sure that you are tagging all your mutual friends. She will definitely notice those pictures and your ex girlfriend is going to be so damn jealous of you.
  • Call her to have a friendly conversation – Now at this point of time, she already knows that you are having a girlfriend or at least you are seeing someone who is way better that your ex. So, just call your ex girlfriend, not just for a chit chat session, but to have a meaningful conversation like talking about some work stuff or something else. She will definitely value this, and she will ask you about who you are seeing. At this point, don’t say that you are dating, just say that you are just friends and this will bring some hope in her. She is definitely going to feel guilty because she broke up with you and this is the perfect revenge you can ever get.

So these are some of the most important stuff you can do after hiring an escort and we guarantee that this is the best way to take revenge on your ex girlfriend. She is going to feel devastated just because she left you heartbroken.