How To Avoid STDs While Dealing With Escorts

If you are not experienced with the escort girls in Houston, you may be freaked out when you hear about the STDs. When you become more experienced, you will worry less when it comes to STDs and the more likely you may suffer them.

If you want to avoid STDs, you will have to be smart and you will be safe from STDs, even if you visit escorts regularly. However, it is good if you do the homework on your own and do not always trust any pretty stranger that pass near you.

If you want to avoid STDs that can be transferred true fruit, then use a condom

Everyone knows about the condoms. If you are not willing to get the STDs, then you should use a condom. The condoms are effective and they protect against HIV, Hepatitis, Chlamydia and Gonorrhea. You have to learn about the proper condom use to protect yourself against STDs problems. You can also reduce chances of suffering other sexually transmitted diseases like trichomoniasis, molluscum, syphilis, herpes and HPV. For the Herpes and HPV, the condom will only reduce up to 70 percent of the transmission and since they are not fluid based, you should protect yourself against the skin to skin contact but since this is not possible most of the time, you may get them.

When it is said proper condom use, it means that you should wear condom when you are doing any type of sex, be it anal sex and vaginal sex.

Get the condom that fits better

The condom should not be too tight or too loose. If you find that it is hard to roll the condom up for some time, then you should use a bigger size. When the condom slips away during sex, this means that they are not loose but too tight.

Use different condom for different sex acts

When you have ejaculated, then it is easy that the condom may slip away. When you continue to have sex with that same condom, then semen found inside can make everything slippery. You have to change the condoms between the rounds to keep up with your protection.

Do not use lubricants that have different base to that of your condom

If you had not realized it, you have to know that condoms that are latex based, do not agree with the oil based lubricants. Some type of the lubricants you use, they can eat your condom. Use a polyurethane condom or get the water based lubricants.

Have condom with you

When you book an escort without enough condoms, it means that you may stop to have sex when the condom gets finished or you may put yourself at risk by doing it without a condom if the escort agrees to it.

Have condom nearby

When the moment is reached, you may not be willing to go back to your car or somewhere else to get the condom. You should always keep a condom nearby and use it when the moment is right.